Database Server Management System .Net Project Report

Introduction to Database Server Management System .Net Project:

The main objective of the database server management system is to make the remote systems to use the main server when the requirement occurs. In his paper we will discuss how the remotes systems can use the server for performing the tasks. By this system it makes the administrator to feel as if he is using a SQL server management studio. This design can be most reliable for importing and exporting the data within the local network.

Brief into the working:

The main server will be  installed on a particular system and only the administrators can use the main server for carrying the processes whereas a client cannot directly use the server it make contact through SQL database server. For making the remote systems to interact with the main server they are provided with ids and passwords.

Certain server configuration options are provided so as to make the main server to get in contact when the remote terminals require. The authentication process is maintained by the SQL server so as to establish a session when required.


By database management systems the clients can remotely access the server and this reduces the interaction of the administrator even for smaller tasks. By employing this system we can provide security to SQL server management studio similar like that of SQL server. This is a reliable system which can handle the errors occurred in the system.

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