Chits Management Asp.Net Project Report

Introduction to Chits Management Project:

The project,” Chit Management” is a web-based application, that permits the user to register into the website and receive the description regarding the chits and the auction sum associated to their chits. It also permits a newly recorded individual to unite with a new chit based on their needs.

The administrator plays a pivotal part in this project as he has the entire authority on the website and can alter the data, wherever it’s required in the database.

The “Chit Management” project explains chit description, consumer description, chit amount description etc. The chit management will digitize the several operations executed in the chits and also offers user to respond and view the description. It facilitates the users to update or alter the description if required.

A chit is a reciprocally profitable plan where a association of persons contribute to the chit and a member of that association is granted the prize sum and dividends are shared by the remaining members of the association. A chit comprises of ‘n’ number of persons and they ought to pay an amount for ‘n’ number of months. The amount is evenly distributed amidst those persons. The amount can be paid in cash or via bank, within a week later to auction. A member can take part in auction from the beginning only if he has paid the amount in time.

The chit management system comprises of six modules: Administrator, Registration,   Authentication, Customer, Update and Contact.

Hardware Requirements:

A mother board-Intel® Pentium®d Processor, a CPU of 3.00GHz, a RAM of 0.97 GB, a keyboard of 108 keys, a two-button mouse and a Hard disk of 80GB are required.

Software Requirements:

A Microsoft windows XP Operating System, Front end-Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Back end-Oracle and Microsoft Word documentation (for preparation) are required.

Download  Chits Management Asp.Net Project Report .

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