PMS is a mutual fund company with assets under management of over crores. It receives customer transactions and complaints through paper forms, it maintains information about all the schemes on database servers located in its highly secured data centers.

In order to perform various financial and non financial transactions without visiting the branch offices of PMS it is made web based, the financial transactions will be stored in database and are processed overnight in batch mode. The following are the requirements of the portal

Registration: while opening a mutual fund account PMS issues a  personal identification number PIN for the folio number mentioned in the application. A user can invest in mutual fund schemes of PMS and each will have a separate folio number

Mapping facilities: User can either update his or her portfolio or create a family portfolio

Own portfolio: System will automatically create own portfolio for the user using folio number and PIN entered during registration.

Family portfolio: A user can create a family portfolio, he or she can map several folio numbers. But each folio should contain a valid PIN number.

Download Customer Portal for a Mutual Fund Company Project Report.