Project Planning Management System Project Report

Project planning management system project is developed in platform. Main aim of this project is to develop software application for software companies for handling project development is a secure and procedure oriented manner. Daily modifications that are carried out on every project is updated to server with version and data and time. This will help to update latest modifications made to project and update version to every team member to work on. This application is also called as bug tracking system. Main features of this system is testing team will update day to day information on bugs to database. Bug details module consists of bug details module, bug history, bug assignee, bug attachments. 

This application is implemented in nine modules. 

Administrator module: In admin module user is provided with registration form through which user can get unique user name and password and user authentication is performed by checking details in database and allow user to log in to the system. 

Products Module: Products module is sub divided in to three modules list of products, products versions and product users. Using this module user can update latest versions information for further use and provides solution for handling multiple projects version handling. 

Bug Module: Bug module is sub divided in to three modules bug details module, in this module day to day bug raised by team on project are updated. Bug History in this module employees can find bugs information on data and time. Bug assignee using this module project manager can assign bugs to employees and manage them. Bug attachments module helps to share bug related information between team members. 

Bug Tracking Module: Bug tracking module is divided in to three sub module track hierarchy, track resolution, track resource. 

Other modules that are included in this application are view module, search module and admin module, log out module and prepare logs module. 

Download Project planning management system project report.

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