Wavelength Division Multiplexing CSE & IT Seminar

Wavelength Division Multiplexing CSE & IT Seminar: Today the demand of bandwidth for telecommunication networks are increasing rapidly world widely with the increase in number of users over networks. Hence many problems like design and planning of networks, performance and cost evaluation, development of operation & management concepts etc are increasing day by day. WDM is a key technique to exploit the fiber bandwidth.

WDM stands for wavelength division multiplexing. It is considered as an ideal solution to enlarge the capacity of optical networks without changing the fiber infrastructure. It provides a virtual point-to-point link to each end-user over a PON (Passive Optical Network) without completed MAC (Media Access Control) Protocol. It simplifies tasks of network management, protection, and security to point-to-point networks.

WDM divides the fiber bandwidth into WDM channels which are called wavelengths. A wavelength converter is a device that converts the optical signal into another wavelength. This technology is treated as collection of channels with same properties of electronic packet-switched circuits with customary buffering.

Nowadays, the telecommunication networks use fiber optics transmission for carrying SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) or SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) signals. This promising approach to have more link capacity is WDM. With WDM, multiple wavelength channels are carried on a single fiber without any interference.

WDM burst switching is the technique used to exploit the tremendous bandwidth of optical technology. It uses electronics for control and management. It uses sophisticated routing and resource management mechanisms to have efficient usage of the optical bandwidth.


The WDM optical network is a technology to use the huge bandwidth over fibers. The structure of management information provides a virtual data structure for managing the requests and responses along with attributes and operations. The main aim is to achieve efficient network solution. WDM burst switching is an attempt of optical & electronic technologies at a new synthesis. It exploits the tremendous bandwidth of optical technology.

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