Multi Room Chat Project in Java

This Multi Room Chat Project in Java involves in creating a separate rooms while chatting and inviting only your friends for that room.  Though you are part of any other private or public chat, this project allows you to send messages only to your group members by selecting them before sending messages.

Multi Room Chat Project Description:

            It is often said that early planning is impossible because precise information concerning project goals, customer needs and product constraints is not available at the beginning of a software project, but a major purpose of the planning phase is to clarify goals, needs and constraints.  The difficulty of planning should not discourage this most important activity. 

A software product becomes better understood as it progresses through analysis, design and implementation; however, a software project should not be commissioned until enough information is available to permit preliminary planning.  It must be recognized that preliminary plans will be modified as the work products evolve; planning for change is one of the key aspects of successful planning.

Problem Description require techniques for gaining in depth knowledge in the concerned system and retrieving details of information required include customer interview, observation of problem tasks and actual performance of the tasks by the planner. 

The planner must be highly skilled in the techniques of the problem definition because different customer representatives will have different viewpoints, biases and prejudices that will influence their perception of the problem area.  With a knowledge retrieved from the above analysis it is able to formulate their problems in a manner that yield to logical, algorithmic analysis of the required system.

Goals and Requirements:

After a through analysis of the existing system and requirement form from the existing users, it is found that an entire new system is to be generated for preparing a well defined, computerized, automated Multi Room Chat so as to send messages to members pertaining to a group alone while you are participating in other private and public chat.

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