Mobile Payment System .Net Project


The project entitled Mobile payment system is an application to assist mobile phone users to access the information of different bills, send and receive a request from almost anywhere, anytime.
At the single touch of a button, the user is provided with an array of information. This project mainly caters to the professionals. Housewives and also business people who like to save their time and do their work in the home.

Mobile Bill Online Payment system has the most advanced set of accessibility features for providing users with a flexible, user-friendly interface. Some of the exclusive features of this application include accessing the data at the server and retrieving the data from the database.
When a user selects to launch Mobile Bill Payment, he is logged on to a screen where he is asked to select which service he would like to access. Then based upon the users choose the user is presented with a list of the particular service bill details. If the user selects the options provided on the screen given he is instantly provided with the information pertaining to that particular service.


The objective of this system is to provide a solution to make payment of the Bills and recharge the mobiles using a single window system. In this system, the Administrator should able to add new Vendors of the mobile company to the system. The Administrator will add or update the different offers provided by the company which can be done through online. If the customer is facing issues in Online payment or other transactions he/she should able to register Complaint to the Administrator to the system.

Out of Scope:

• Online Payment for recharge amount is should reflect in customer bank account.
• After recharging to the mobile the SMS should be sent to the mobile as confirmation of the transaction.


1 Administrator
2 Customer
3 Web Registration
4 Reports
5 Authentication


• Should able to add new Vendors of the mobile connection company.
• Should able to add or update the different offers provided by the Vendors which can be used by the customers through the internet.
• Should able to receive the Complaint from Customers for the transaction related issues.
• Should update the Mobile numbers from Vendors into the system.


• Should able to register to the site to get pay the Mobile bill online.
• Should able to Recharge their mobile with different top-ups provided by the vendors. The mobile number given by the customer will be cross verified by the Vendors (using the vendor database).
• Should able to register Complaint against the issues in Recharge or Mobile Online payments.
• Should able to check the previous payment details as History.


The system has a process of registration. Every User need to submit his complete details in the form of registration. Whenever a User registration completed automatically he/she can get a user id and password. By using that user id and password he/she can log into the system.


Different kind of reports is generated by the system.

1. Customers Report
2. Complaints Report

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