Home appliance control by mobile phone (DTMF) ECE Final Year Project

The aim of this project Home appliance control by mobile phone (DTMF) ECE Final Year Project is to enable consumers to have a remote-based control over their home devices through a cellular interface like mobile phone.

To implement this system the consumer should send a unique code accompanied by the required function to his home control system through GSM.

home-appliance-control-by-mobile-phone-dtmf-ieee-ece-final-year-projectTo design this project a microcontroller is used as a control unit which gets inputs (instructions, commands) from a mobile connected through GSM.

To make the connection more secure, consumer authentication along with a password will be provided.

To switch on/off any appliance positioned at controller’s part, a call is made and after the call is tended to automatically, the appropriate tone and password are entered.

The tone entered is decoded via the DTMF decoder which further translates it into binary values. Binary values are the input to the microcontroller which verifies each tone individually and corresponding output is given at the output terminal.

This output from microcontroller is used to drive the matching relay driver where in each relay drive is coupled to a home appliance. Thus when the relay drive is activated by the microcontroller, the device either gets ON or is switched OFF as per the requirement. Home appliance control by mobile phone project makes use of auto answer facility and hence eliminates the need of a ring detector circuit.

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Home appliance control by mobile phone (DTMF) ECE Final Year Project Conclusion:

This project is targeted at the average consumer who desires to access remote control over home devices which can be controlled electrically. Additional features like audio interaction as well as feedback mechanism to determine the current state could serve as add-ons for this project.

However it must be ensured that the consumer must be living in an area which has strong signal connectivity and only one person should be authorized for the controlling of these devices to ensure maximum security.

Download Home appliance control by mobile phone (DTMF) ECE Final Year Project.

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  1. i need the programming code controlling 8 relays in home appliance control by mobile phone and the controlling keys are 11-81 turn on the 8 relays and 10-80 for turn off relays.pls send me the code with full detail to ([email protected])

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