MANET is the abbreviation for mobile ad-hoc networks which in turn refers to a wireless network of mobile devices which can configure all by it and move independently. As each country has many powerful leaders, in MANET nodes the one which is having most resources left are nominated as leaders. This would help in balancing other nodes in the case of consumption of resources. All this nomination and election are using the Radial Basis function or in short RBF.

MANET’s lack a constant bottleneck; as a result the nodes in it have their own Intrusion detection system (IDS) to run which is a serious short coming of the system. In order to improve the above problem, leaders are selected from nodes for the entire cluster. The IDS is used to detect various threats coming towards the system, the network events are monitored and analyzed for any possible intrusions. The nodes are prevented from behaving selfishly and the nodes are allowed to include in the election process by revealing their sensitive information. 

No IDS detection is done in the present system, but in proposed system IDS is launched using RBF. This is done after leader selection using the cluster independent leader election or CLIE method. A particular set of mathematical equationsare conceived for this particular radical function. Each node and IDS has a unique set of identity and goals to achieve. The control of selfish and malicious nodes are extremely important and a mechanism should be there to prevent them being elected as the leader. The nodes must also be barred from releasing fake information in order to enhance their own reputation and benefits.

Some nodes may change their behavior once elected and deviate from their original work path and not offer IDS to nodes which are selected, such nodes must be controlled as well. To compute the valuation function cost of analysis function is important and also reputation of the system must be high. A specific algorithm is used to select the leader.

 Download A Dynamic Security Mechanism of Leader Election for Intrusion Detection in MANET Using RBF.