Seminar Report on Mobile IP

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Mobile IP:

Mobile IP called as the Mobile Internet Protocol is an internet technology which has acquired a lot success in the time, distance etc but the internet technologies have to be increased in the user system computer access periods. The latest technology named as the 3G technology mobile networks making a great distinguish between the international business groups. As 3G technologies is never depended on one standard technology but also depended on the group of radio technology like the CDMA, TDMA, and WCDMA etc…  mobile IP is mainly defined as the Home agents in which the client has the connection with the foreign agents. 

The main attributes related to the mobile IP are the mobile node which makes the terminal equipment into small chunks. The foreign agents, the Home agents, the corresponding nodes. The flavors of mobility is the second concept also called as the packet mobility of data which completely depends on the contain of the words which are used by the users.  By using the wireless fixed networks there are various type of accessing the roaming services.

Access to private, public and protected networks the thirdly related to mobile IP which keeps the data protected which is private and only allows access to it for the authorized users. Mobile IP has the attributes like the Basics which has the connection wizards, next is the mobile IP operation which has the sending and receiving of data’s. Registration of address and care of the address is the other related attributes. 

This articles states the information about the IP designs like the multi access network mobility for both the wired and wireless networks protocols. This mobile solution adds the value like seamless mobility, security of IP networks, networks investment, supports current business trends. By having the complete access to the internet service at home or offices in hotels or in schools along with the networks to the VPN.

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