E-Business of Auto Marketing Project Synopsis

Synopsis : This E-Business of Auto Marketing project aims at developing an application framework that is centered on enhancing and facilitating facilitating the communication among the different participating entities involved in the e business Of Auto Marketing Classified Systems including site owners, buyers, sellers, car dealers, auto classified businesses and market researchers.

With this application, site visitors can search by Make and Model to access new and used car inventories from local dealers & independent sellers. This application framework combines powerful inventory search features for both new and used car configuration with pricing information, separate photo galleries and side-by-side Comparison tools.

This E-Business of Auto Marketing application develops an architectural framework that would help the involving entities in Building a complete and effective e-business infrastructure. The framework presents various ready made and easily extensible features. The framework demonstrates a multi-tiered architecture (involving base configuration & security layer, data access layer and business logic layer), compact design and the availability of various useful web services. The framework contains a separate library of classes that forms the middle layer between the business and data access logic and establishes a base security mechanism for entire application.

The E-Business of Auto Marketing application framework handles connections to database with highly optimized data access layer. The data access and flow to the system is entirely incorporated by means of stored procedures in order to improve data access response time and to enhance the security aspect of the data associated with the participating entities in this system.

The framework effectively manages the caching of data and dynamic html regions with the goal to achieve fast application response time. The framework also includes a site messaging system tool that can be used seamlessly in any web application. This tool, based on the use of XML/XPATH, organizes the expressions validity, messages consistency and site configuration and make it highly extensible and overall consistent.

The framework also includes a comprehensive system control panel feature. This feature allows the web site’s convenient back-hand data and site maintenance by all involving entities of the system, with the site administrator being in charge of this process as a whole. All active entities including dealers and sellers can maintain their accounts, inventories and associated photo galleries.

Entities can keep track of site surfer traffic for their products and can communicate with each other for the quote requests. This system also provides the feature of managing visitor/user’s favorite list of vehicle to his/her online profile. Visitor can save and remove the favorite inventories searched while surfing the web site in the visitor online list of favorites.

In summary, with its several capabilities, this web marketing system is flexible, efficient, user friendly, Customizable and feature-rich and ready to be adopted by any online auto classified system.

The E-Business of Auto Marketing application is divided into two categories for its design and development. Application’s front end and back-end interface design.

Application Framework Design Front-end Interface-Options

• Simple & Advance Search

• Inventory Detail Pages

• Registered Dealers

• My Favorites

• Request a Quote

• System Web Services

• About & Contact pages

Application Framework Design Back-end Interface -Options

• Back-end interface implements system’s control panel used by:

• Site Administrator is in charge of all site related activities, mainly responsible to enroll dealers, to approve registrations, to monitor advertisements & to manage the site parameters.

• Registered Dealer can manage inventory , edit profile information and can enable/disable quote requests.

• Registered Seller, once registered, can edit member profile, can place and edit ads, can upload inventory photos related to ads.

Modules :

1. Site Visitors:

Site Visitors module use search features to search new and used car from dealers & independent sellers.

2. Dealers :

Dealers module can get register to the system’s web site and can promote their dealership with enhanced vehicle listings featuring photos.

3. Individual Sellers:

Individual Sellers module can get register and place ads online for their used vehicle. Seller’s vehicle’ listings appear in the buyer’s search of used cars.

Technologies used in this application include:

Environment: .NET Frame work, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C#, ASP.NET, XML Web Services.

Data base and web server: Microsoft SQL server and Internet Information Server (IIS).

Web Graphics Design: Macromedia Dream weaver, Adobe Photoshop pro, XHTML/XML/XSLT, Java Script/CSS and NET skm-Menus.

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