Seminar Topics Related to Cryptography

It is the science for maintaining a security to the data and the Networking security by keeping the information safe and protected from the site of unauthorized users… Its saves the data from the actions like Interruption. Interception and data Modification. This Process is followed by RSA algorithm, Hash functions and many more.

There are some means of communications which plays a vital role in every one’s life they are radio communication, network communication, Mobile and telephonic communication. This great increment in technology of communications has being opened the doors for the security threats to every user and other organizations too…

The fundamental concern required for the cryptography is confidential process which keeps the data secret and private from the unauthorized users. Authentication process provides the identity to the receiver. Integrity methods are used to confirm that the data is not manipulated. Non-repudiation methods are used to confirm that the data is not abandoned.

Talking about the security attack is an attack where one or more than one personal system becomes useless by the attacks done by unauthorized users. Cryptography technologies has some sub parts like Plain text, Chipper text, Key, encipher, cryptology, hash code, hash algorithm, SKC, PKC, PGP and PKI.

Talking about the digital certificate is like a physical certificate. These certificates are better used for checking the efforts on one key to the other one.

There are also some applications of cryptography are defense service, secure data manipulation, business transactions, e-commerce, parching, secure internet access, access control, data protection etc… A cryptography technology has two types which they are based on algorithm based and layer based types.

Cryptography prevents users from allowing access for the acknowledgement of data and the users. This is the very interesting fields because it is done by very secret work. The backbone of the cryptography management is on the selection of keys and longer keys that will reject attacks rather than short keys.

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