Promotional Strategies Project Report

Promotional Strategies project on “The Implication Of Modern Trade in FOOD WORLD Outlets With Respect To Coke Products In Hyderabad” gives an assessment of the modern trade implementation in the retail formats and its growth per year and its impact on the customers as well as the company.

Till date coke is performing well in the market. As it is a well known fact that always there is a room for improvement, the organization should focus on few aspects such as concentrating on promo activities as well as organization campaigns. From the in-depth analysis on the data collected from the study, the basics of the modern trade such as meaning, scope, merchandising advantages of modern trade and its participants, meaning of Plano gram were found with an interaction with store managers.

Various brand competitors were also evaluated on marketing mix analysis and necessary suggestion were quoted. Even though few store managers were not readily willing to share confidential information regarding the sales figures, from the data obtained from other managers who willingly shared we arrived to conclusions.

Few promotional activities of coke and its competitor are studied and feedback is given in order to make necessary corrections. Various kind of information such as availability of the coke chillers and type of shopping and type of shopper’s were found out with various kind of examples. Many of the times they were also practically seen.

The duration of the Training sessions should increase based on the periodic review as well as periodic follow-ups.. The ROI –The return on investment made towards training and development activity need to be measured with performance benchmarks.

More experienced and senior executive should be involved in training sessions and for sharing information regarding modern trading and to explain the store managers suggestions have been made for improving the modern trade in this soft drinks company . If these could be implemented then the retailer’s contribution towards the performance will be high which helps in the overall development of the coke organization.

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