Company Operational Strategies – Questioner to Operational Manager

Questioner to Operational manager

1. What is your recent production strategy implemented across the operational unit?

2. How many units are produced per month across the production unit?

3. Do you set targets to the employees towards the number of units to be produced?

4. Do your employees understand the operational strategies implemented across the company?

5. How do you communicate the operational strategies to your employees?

6. Do you think conveying the operational strategies really improve the employee performance across your unit?

7. Do you involve the employees in the strategy development process?

8. Do the employees show their interest towards understanding the operational strategies of the company?

9. How do you develop the interest of the employees towards understanding the operational strategies?

10. Do you think employee job satisfaction depends on the level of understanding towards the operational strategies?

11. How the employees react towards the frequent changes in the operational strategies if any?

12. Do you observe any improvement in the employee performance if the strategies are communicated well in any case?

13. How do you measure the performance and job satisfaction of the employees against the operational strategies implemented?

14. Do you seek the advice’s and concerns of the employees regarding their job satisfaction against the strategies?

15. Are there any future steps to be taken to improve the performance and job satisfaction of your employees against strategy communication process?

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