Introduction to MBA Seminar topic on Advertisement Evaluation of Rasna Shake up TV Commercial:

This paper gives us an idea of advertising. Generally, Advertising means promotion of ideas, goods or services by a sponsor. Advertisement gives a great impact, they bring awareness about the product. At present this advertising trend is followed by retailers, industries, politicians, public services and many more. There are some advertising agencies also to design advertisements. Before advertising, research has to carried that is done at two life stages of an advertisement – before its birth and after its birth. Among all, huge expenditure is spent on product advertising because the results obtained from these are also huge.

Brief into advertising

Advertising mainly involves five decisions, they are mission, money, message, media and measurement. For advertising first objectives have to be set clearly and the second budget has to be decided. Third message has to be clear so that everyone understands and the fourth one is to choose media on which the message will be transferred more effectively.

After advertising the measurement has to be done i.e evaluation of sales after advertising. The evaluation process involves two things to be carried out by advertiser or agency, they are to carry out a plan of action and discover what had happened. Following this procedure leads to a success.

For example , rasna enterprises limited is the India’s largest selling soft drink concentrate. Due to the quality it promises to customer it holds the prestigious position i.e 90% share in the market. The analysis is done from initial stage.   

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