E-learning Project Literature Review

E-learning has become popular these days and number of lecturers and students are attracted towards the online learning methods. E-learning has started its evaluation from distance education methods, where the education is not done at a class room level.

Distance learning has become successful due to many advantages like its flexibility, ease of use and learning from a remote location as well. Even the business aspects has raised a lot in E-learning and lot of returns are achieved based on E-learning business and it is around US$90 billion at the beginning of 2000.

Mostly e-learning is used by the adults who are already working in some organizations, they are learning for a better qualification with out neglecting their current job and also with out disturbing their earning capability.

This e-learning is not only popular for the working employees it is also used by the students and some job searchers also. In the younger generation e-learning had become a daily requirement as the technology and internet is spread throughout the world. The fact is that e-learning or online learning is generally used by the teenagers. Even though it is popular and most used, e-learning has few limitations.

One of such limitations is learners who don’t have computer proficiency will use e-learning for attaining good knowledge as the e-learning mainly focuses on the computer technologies, but the learners who don’t have good computer skills will feel this as a barrier for them. The other limitation is, in e-learning the physical interaction among the learners will be limited.

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