Automobile Industry in India 2012 MBA Seminar Topic

According to the report of Mapsofindia (2010), Indians buy cars regularly, which are allowing the automobile companies to establish new cars with efficient features in order to attract the customers. This report specified that there are many top automobile companies in India like Tata Motors, Hindustan Motor Ltd, Ashoke Leyland, Maruthi Suzuki India Ltd and Bajaj Auto, which are leading Indian automobile industry. The deep overview and competitive advantages of these companies and their cars are explained in detail within this report. According to this report, there are many top automobile companies in India that are offering wide range of automobile services to Indian customers.

This report even revealed the SWOT- strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Indian automobile industry. The future enhancements are required to this report in order to include information on some other important automobile companies in India. The information based on automobile industry is considered from this report and summarized according to research requirement.

The actual research problem is that automobile industry is facing tough competition in the market place. In order to specify the information on popular automobile companies the information from this particular article is taken into consideration.

After analyzing this article, researcher concludes that automobile industry includes wide range of companies that are serving automobile customers with wide range of cars and car models. 

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