MBA Project Report on Customer’s Satisfaction Towards Smart Kid

The project topic is the study on finding Customer’s Satisfaction Towards Smart Kid towards smart kid educational plan. Everybody is very cautious about their life and risk factors. Many new market linked plans are introduced presently.

So this study involves in finding the perception of people. This study throws light on various factors influencing marketing decision of a product among various brands and it will also give an idea about profile of the people based on age , occupation and gender.

Where the target population is ICICI BANK insured people in Trichy the people should have take the insurance policy. 

Customer’s Satisfaction

The type of survey conducted by stratified random sampling because population can be segregated in to several sub population (or) strata the policy holder perception about the smart kid educational plan, where the target population is surveyed in Trichy .The respondents responses are to be documented 

This Study also deals with

  • Finding out the key benefits of the smart kid educational plan
  • Identifying the reasons for non-awareness.
  • Measures to improve the awareness level.
  • Effective suggestions to improve the plan. 


To analyze and conduct the research for finding the CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION towards the smart kid educational plan among the people in Trichy Region for ICICI BANK, so that the management may come up with various marketing strategy to promote the features of an product based on the views given by people whose earning potential is more than one lakh and so that in the down run may become the market leader among its Competitor companies.

Download MBA Project Report on Customer’s Satisfaction Towards Smart Kid 

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