Code Coverage Project in Java

This java code coverage project analyzer helps in identifying the error part of source code and helps to correct it by using some of the techniques called fault localization techniques.

Code Coverage Project in Java


        i.            To allow the tester top carry out the testing of the software over the period of time i.e., to make multiple test sessions possible.

      ii.            To give statement coverage, branch coverage, method coverage and class coverage measures.

    iii.            To allow tester to do selective coverage at class level.

    iv.             To help in estimating testing effort by giving the time spent in execution. This data is also useful in software reliability                                   models.

      v.            To make it easy to use i.e., to have reasonably good user interface and the output is easy to understand.

    vi.            To develop platform compiler, interpreter independent tool. So that it can work on any platform, on any compiler and on                           any interpreter.

  vii.            Generate the coverage report.

viii.            During execution of program collecting of instrumented data for instrumentation

    ix.            Checks whether the input source file is correct or not.

 Users of the system:

  • Tester

Functional Requirements:
I. We need to create user interface that expects a source files on which we perform testing for the various kinds of coverage.
II. Instrumented program is generated from the source code files entered by the user.
III. Coverage analyzer adds some more lines of code to the source files to test for different kinds of metrics.
IV. We need to test for the statement coverage, branch coverage, method coverage, and class coverage.
V. We need to display the cumulative percentage of statements executed and cumulative percentage of branches that are executed and also show which statements and branches are not executed.

Download Code Coverage Project in Java, full source code, project report, documentation, srs, project manual, step by step process to execute project.

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