Smart Materials A view towards Shape Memory Alloy Mech Paper

In this Smart Materials A view towards Shape Memory Alloy Mech Paper a  comparative study between SMA’s and other generally used materials or alloys is made , with the help of live examples (aircraft maneuverating, robotic muscles and human bone plates),

Smart materials are one among those unique materials, which can change its shape or size simply by adding a little bit of heat, or can change from a liquid to a solid almost instantly when near a magnet. These materials include piezoelectric materials, magneto-rheostatic materials, electro-rheostatic materials, and shape memory alloys (SMA’s).  Shape memory alloys (SMA’s) are metals, which exhibit two very unique properties, pseudo-elasticity (an almost rubber-like flexibility, under-loading), and the shape memory effect (ability to be severely deformed and then return to its original shape simply by heating).


  • Biocompatibility.
  • Diverse Fields of Application.
  • Good Mechanical Properties (strong, corrosion resistant).


  • Relatively expensive to manufacture
  • Have poor fatigue problem
  • Cannot survive for more cyles unlike a steel component.


The SMA’s discussed in this project are supposed to have a major say in the field of precision engineering and surgical operations in years to come. The sensing and responding property of these materials make them analogous to human brain and muscular system.

Download Smart Materials A view towards Shape Memory Alloy Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT.

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