Manufacturing Of PVC Pipe Bachelor Of Technology Mechanical Engineering Project

The Small Scale Industry is the growth of the country that is run by hired labour, machine, and power. Irrespective to the number of workers engaged in industry is known as small scale unit.

 In India, industries are developed to build SSI’s (Small Companies) by giving Bank Loans, Discount, land, suggestions etc. The strategy adopted by the government is: Public entrepreneurship remains confirmed to industries and sectors, efforts made seriously for the development of an industrial culture, to develop management education and industrial training, development of backward regions/areas which is a new challenge, mobilizing and fostering the new young business talent, economic administration must be improved, financial institutions must provide adequate, timely credit, and technical assistance.

 Small scale industry gives employment and SSI Sector in India is a largest employment opportunities for the Indian population and it is estimated from the research, the employment provided by the small scale industry was 171.58 lakh. Small Scale Industry increases the level of production in country. It is grown rapidly over the years and the growth rates are very impressive during the various plan periods.

 The export from SSI sector is clocking excellent growth rates this year. It is fuelled with the performance of garment, leather, and jewellery units.

Entrepreneur is the business owner who contributes the capital and bears the risk in business life. Entrepreneur is broadly classified into three groups. They are Risk bearer, Organizer, and Innovator.


 This Manufacturing Of PVC Pipe Project concludes that to start a small scale industry is not a very easy task but to start, first select a suitable sit to make a proper scheme and approve. The important steps are getting started, selection of industry, and preparation of scheme.

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