Numerical Control Machine Btech Mechanical Engineering Project

The “Numerical Control Machine Btech Mechanical Engineering Project” project is defined as the process of controlling the operation of manufacturing by direct insertion of numerical instruction into the machine tool. I this project CNC-computer numeric control is used in which control software programs are implemented. The CNC system is a flexible machine and can be used as a sole unit. Additional program storage, editing and running programs from memory are all performed here.

New options can be added to the system and can be stored on the tape. It has metric conversion in it i.e. this system can be used to convert from British to International and the other way around. Due to high computational capability of CNC, special interpolation cycles can be executed. They are also equipped with a communication interface for networking.


This project Numeric control machine uses a computer control and is used for performing NC function. Here, program used to develop a component is termed as input and is fed to machine tools which is motor. The computer analyses feedback intermittently and finally computes the error position. Once the program is executed, the error is corrected.

The input to the controller unit is computer program which is entered via keyboard. This part program can be reused as it is in the computer memory. Editing and optimization can also be performed and changes can be made as required. Also compensation for changes required in dimension of the cutting tool is also provided. Information such as number of components is also furnished.

Conclusion Of Numerical Control Machine:

The CNC machines are widely implemented in the industry and can be used for operations such as drilling, boring, milling, grinding etc. Besides this, other machine functions are performed too. This system reduces the manpower employed. It produces tool which have a large shelf life plus decreases the total cost.

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