Coconut dehusking Machine Mechanical Engineering Project

Coconuts are dehusked generally by machete or a spike manually. These procedures require skilled labour which is tiring to use and steps are used to develop dehusking tools. These are successful partially and not effective to replace manual procedures. The failure of these tools is because of unsatisfactory and incomplete dehusking, breakage of the coconut shell during dehusking, spoilage of useful coir, greater effort needed than manual methods, etc.

 This Coconut dehusking Machine Mechanical Engineering Project includes the design, development, and testing of a coconut dehusker to overcome the failure of the previous implementation. The unit dehusk to about 70 coconuts per hour comparing to 40 nuts per hour with the use of spike method. It is operated by unskilled labourers.

 Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm tree where India is a leading producer of coconuts. This fruit is large, dry drupes, ovoid in shape. There are various ways to dehusk the coconut which is done manually, mechanically and by machines as well.

 The coconut husk is peeled off by the coconut dehusking machine from coconut fruit to obtain dehusked coconut fruit by mechanical controlled dehusking devices. The important parts in the project are hydraulic pump, cylinder, coconut holder mechanism, height adjusting knob, and poker arms.


 The time and cost is very important in today’s modern world hence to get rid of this, this project has designed and fabricated the machine “Coconut dehusking machine” that reduces the cost and to saves human energy. The machines such as manual, traditional, electronic and hydraulic machines need minimum human effort and there are many advantages with these machines. The cost is less, human energy required is less, time taken by this machine is also less so we are able to dehusk quickly of about three to four coconuts per minute. Machine is operated efficiently unskilled labours.

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