Data Acquisition System with GSM Modem Abstract

Data Acquisition system with GSM Modem projects main idea is to develop a application which can handle sensitive parameters like temperature, humidity …etc. Handling this parameters is important for many industries mainly pharmaceutical and chemical companies. This application uses GSM technology, though GSM provide voice and video calling facilities but this project uses just messaging feature. There will be continuous communication between sensors and micro controllers ,  information will be displayed on LCD screen. Based on set point temperature micro controller will set heater to On or OFF.

The user has a facility to change the Set-Point just by sending a message to the GSM. The Set-Point that the user had sent is automatically assigned to the system. As soon as the new Set-Point gets activated the previous Set-Point gets deleted and the process runs depending on the new Set-Point criteria.

This system is mainly useful for industries where parameters like temperature, humidity …etc are key and handling these parameters manually is not possible. These are nowadays used in all kind of industrial and commercial complexes.

download Data Acquisition System with GSM Modem Abstract .

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