Novel Hard/Slippy Coatings Project

Project Title: Novel Hard/Slippy Coatings

Academic Research Areas: Surface Engineering

Project Description:

Coatings that combine high hardness and wear resistance with very low friction coefficients are very attractive for many applications, including cutting tools, punching and forming tools and bearings. Such coatings can be formed by producing a matrix of a hard material e.g. titanium nitride (TiN) in which nanoparticles of a soft lubricious material e.g. silver are embedded. The aim of this project is to deposit and test a series of novel hard/slippy materials, including TiN/Ag, TiN/Pb and CrB/MoS2.

Product Details:

Coatings will be deposited by magnetron sputtering and the tribological properties of the coatings will be investigated by micro- and nano- hardness and scratch adhesion testing and pin-on-disk wear testing. Film structures will be investigated by XRD and SEM.

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