Modernization in Railways Mechanical Engineering Project

Introduction To The Mechanical Project:

The project “Modernization in Railways Mechanical Engineering Project” is designed so as to provide the best of facilities to commuters. This can be done by designing ICF coaches coupled with better spring arrangements. Improvement of the braking system for a safe and smoother travel is incorporated. Also, in order to carry heavier loads at higher speeds provision of diesel and electric traction is made along with modern signaling techniques.

Types of modern railways:

             The types of modern railways described in the project Modernization of railways are monorail which is kind of railway that is based on a single rail as its sole support for movement. Then, there are tube railways which run through an underground tunnel and have an electrically powered railroad. The most urban form is however the sky bus.

Components of modern railways:

For modernization of track, a heavier track should be used that is resistant to wear and tear, long welding should also be done. Traditional methods of track maintenance should be implemented such as DTM, MSP for smoother rail travel at economical cost. Track monitoring should be done by means of computers and ultrasonic testing of rails.

Methods of maintenance:

Modernizing railways is not the solution; they need to be maintained to. The tracks should be leveled and aligned properly and defective sleepers should be replaced. As per the requirement, profiling of ballast section should be done. A well qualified person should be appointed as supervisor to properly identify the defects in track geometry with the aid of measuring and recording devices.

If any defects are there, then rectification should be done. Not only should this, checking of the quality of work be done. Thus modernization of railways is not a single-step process but a lot of parameters should be taken into account for the system to function properly.

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  1. I’m mechanical engineering post graduate student and want to do research on railway specially the contact between rail way wheel and rail, can you help me?

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