Major Problems in Automobile Industry Final Year MBA Seminar Topic

The actual hypothesis of this study is to identify the problems that take place in Indian Automobile Companies by taking Tata Nano as example. This study identifies the different problems that take place in auto industry and among the total problems, buying behavior is considered as the significant problem that is allowing the auto companies to face failures in the marketplace. This study gives a basic idea on buying behavior on India customers, especially when they buy cars.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the buying behavior of a customer in Indian Automobile market and to examine different marketing strategies that are used in the Indian car market in order to satisfy the changing preferences of the customers. The main reason for selecting this particular topic because Automobile industries in India (Tata) are facing problem in understanding the changing buying behaviors of a customer and making mistakes in applying proper marketing strategies to their products, which ultimately will effect the Automobile industries in India. In this research researcher would like to gather more information on the automobile industry and analyze the different buying behaviors of the customers as well as to analyze the strategies required to be successful in the automobile market.

Even though, there are many automobile companies in the market, all industries have their own significance and preferences because of the type of services offered by them. By using this research process the researcher wishes to provide detailed information on the overview of the automobile industry and the buying behavior of customers when purchasing vehicles and also different aspects of the car marketing along with the overview of the Tata Nano car. 

Research Questions and Objectives 

  1. What type of impact does globalization process is shown on buying behavior of Indian automobile industry?
  2. Why Indian automobile companies especially Tata facing challenges in the international markets?
  3. What is the buying behavior of consumers when they purchase cars?
  4. How do the companies assess the buying behavior of customers towards their company cars?
  5. Why are companies facing failures in identifying the buying behavior of the customers?
  6. How to identify and analyze the buying behavior of customers and what type of strategies should they follow in order to satisfy the buying preferences of customers?
  7. Does the Tata NANO car change the history of automobile industry? What type of impact does Nano showed on automobile companies?
  8. What are the competitive advantages of Tata Nano car when compared with its competitors?
  9. What type of marketing strategies should the automobile companies follow in order to market their cars and to get succeed in the automobile market?
  10. What type of marketing strategies should Tata Nano follow in order to improve their sales?

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