Explicit and Implicit Assumptions for Car Market and Buying Behavior MBA Project

The explicit assumptions of this research study are that, this study may finally identify the entire problems faced by Indian automobile companies, especially Tata Nano.

This study suggests marketing strategies and methods to be followed by automobile companies to identify the buying behavior of the customers and to improve their car sales. But the specified strategies may be considered or rejected by Tata Company because it is having many alternate resources to identify and overcome their internal and external problems. Researcher is assuming and expecting that if this research study reaches Tata and other automobile companies of India they will consider the final opinions and views specified and suggested by the researcher. 

Implicit assumptions 

The hidden and implicit assumptions of the researcher is that this research study may be accepted by Indian automobile companies and widely used by them to overcome the problems faced by them.

The hidden assumption is that researcher is expected good feedback to the suggested study from the readers and finally expecting the feedback that this particular research study is much more useful to automobile companies. 

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