Indian Automobile Industry Seminar Report

Introduction to Indian Automobile Industry Seminar Topic:

The automobile industry includes different types of automobile companies. Each and every company has its own importance and has developed a lot in the recent time period. This development leads to the heavy competition in the automobile industry and there are many top companies, which are under the automobile industry that sells cars. The companies like Toyota, Ford, Tata Motors, Maruti, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Skoda, Mahindra vehicles, Honda, BMW, Benz suppliers are the top automobile industries in India. These companies are offering different types of cars with high quality, high price, low price and fuel-efficient cars 

But recently in the year 2008 a new car called Tata Nano was introduced by Tata Motors which is the cheapest car in the world and it is one of the greatest achievements of Tata motors which is offering the car only for one lakh Indian rupees (approx. $ 2100 CAD). The automobile industry is playing a significant role within the growth and development of the economic standards of the country.  The automobile industry is the combination of the transport sector as well as the industrial sector and for this reason the automobile industry is playing a vital role in developing these industries 

Consumer behavior is a process of identifying how the individuals buy the products, how they will prefer the products and the reasons why they buy the specific products. Generally, there are different types of factors that will impact the buying behavior of the consumers such as the psychological, social, economical, environmental, anthropological etc.

The buyer or consumer continues to be a mystery.  For this reason, the buyer’s mind has been termed as a black box, which should be opened by the seller to be a successful marketer 

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