Problems In Automobile Industry for MBA Students

One major problem in the automobile industry is the changing buying behavior of the customers. Each and every customer will have their own preferences but they change according to their mindset, and because of this changing behavior the automobile companies are unable to identify the requisite needs of the customers. Because of the existence of more car companies in the market, customers prefer companies that offer new features and designs of high-end models with good quality in performance as well as safety at a low cost price. The main research problem is to identify the buying behavior of Nano customers. The detailed information on Indian automobile industry will be considered and analyzed to identify the problems faced by Indian auto companies in marketing their car products.

It’s apparent that nowadays the fuel cost is increasing regularly which is a major problem faced by every person in the world. Also because of the heavy usage of fuel cars, there is the existence of huge environmental pollution. Because of these problems costumers are thinking twice about fuel efficiency when they buy a car, thus the automobile industry is facing a huge problem in designing a fuel-efficient car to overcome the competition with other companies.   Along with fuel efficiency features the customers are even giving priority to safety, styles and comfort-based services. The automobile companies are facing many problems with the changing buying behavior of the consumers.

Even though most of the cars have good features they often rejected them because of poor fuel efficiency. In order to overcome these problems automobile companies are offering the fuel-efficient cars, which emit less carbon dioxide and are made of the CNG, LPG as well as the biogases.

The other major problem is maintenance of the services according to the changing behavior of the customers.  The customers are the people who will always compare the services and products of one company with the others and prefer only one single company. In order to attract the customers towards their company’s products, most of the automobile companies are offering new cars with good features and fewer prices with good financing plans.

To overcome all these problems and to be one of the best automobile companies among the competitors the automobile companies should follow some specific strategies related to the market, which will be explained in detail in this study. 

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