M.Tech Project on Cloud Computing with Report

Business Model for Cloud Computing is a final year M.Tech Project which covers detailed explanation about project, Project Design, Development, Source Code.

Cloud Computing

User Registration and Control:

This study proposes a Business Model for Cloud Computing Based on a Separate Encryption and Decryption Service. The concept is based on separating the storage and encryption/decryption of user data. In this business model, Encryption/Decryption as a Service and Storage as a Service (SaaS) are not provided by a single operator. In addition, the SaaS provider may not store unencrypted user data and, once the provider of Encryption/Decryption as a Service has finished encrypting the user data and handed it off to an application (e.g. a CRM system), the encryption/decryption system must delete all encrypted and decrypted user data.

The concept of dividing authority is often applied in business management. For example, responsibility for a company’s finances is divided between the accountant and cashier. In business operations, the accountant is responsible for keeping accounts, while the cashier is responsible for making payments. By keeping these two functions separate, the company can prevent the accountant from falsifying accounts and embezzling corporate funds.

Official documents frequently need to be stamped with two seals (i.e., the corporate seal and the legal representative’s seal), thus preventing a staff member from abusing his position to issue fake documents, and these seals are normally entrusted to two different people. These examples of the division of authority are designed to avoid a concentration of power which could raise operational risks.

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