Doctor and Hospital Management System Project

Doctor and Hospital Management System Project is used by the people who  in remote areas.and also this system also used by the people who are far away from hospitals.The system also provides computarized self test to the users and suggesting the appropriate medicines / suggestions ton their problems. 

Hospital Management System

System specific Modules:

There are 3 main modules. They are:


There are 3 sub modules present in this module. General diseases, curable diseases,& non curable diseases. User must select the any of these three. In general diseases there are different diseases. Different queries will posed by the system. user must answer the queries. Based on answers specified by users Self Diagnosis system will display related medicines/suggestions to the user.

Similarly for curable and non curable diseases also Self Diagnosis system suggest different symptoms.

Administrator will update the database if any queries or medicines related to different diseases are changed. Administrator will have their  own user name, password to make updation into database.

The system aimed to the Self-diagnosis with advanced hospital management system is to provide a self test to the patient, if hospitals are not available in near places. This application is developed by using one of the heuristic search techniques in artificial intelligence i.e. greedy local search. This system provides an additional facility, that is patient can interact with an appropriate doctor through online chatting or Discussion forum. patient can get appropriate suggestions to his problem.

Actually, in the self-diagnosis this application generates a report regarding patient’s health condition. That report may contain patient disease name, his symptoms intensity level and the suggestion provided by system. This suggestion may be in the two forms. First suggestion may be an appropriate medicine based on symptom Intensity level; second suggestion may be a specialized doctor meeting that means his disease may be in a critical state.                                     

Advanced Hospital Management:

This system can be helpful to the hospital management, because it consists of patient billing system from the time of admission in the hospital. Patient billing means the payment for the doctor, rooms, dispensaries, servants.

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