Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing For Data Storage Security In Cloud Computing Project

Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing is a 2010 CSE project which is implemented in visual C#.Net platform. Main aim of this project is to provide solution for protecitng security of data inside cloud computing maintaing systems and provide more accurate and secured service for users and improve qulaitiy of cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing is going to be next generation architecture for any software companies. Many big companies like microsoft, apple, oracle …etc almost every company had inversted huge amount on this technology. One of the main reasons for using this technology is cost saving and location independent, independent resource planning and many more. Away form cloud features companies offering cloud technology called as CSP should look after different aspects for protecting data.

Detailed information of project is expalined in  video.

download privacy preserving public auditing for data storage security 2010 cse base paper, project report.

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