Literature Review on Advantages of Cloud Computing

Introduction to Literature Review on Advantages of Cloud Computing:

 Cloud storage provides storage for those who use computers and this is an internet service. Based on the storage requirements of the user the fee of the cloud storage are varies, and this cloud storage is available for all the users varying with different sizes and also provides different levels of storage services both for the business and home users.

The main advantage of the cloud storage is that the files can be accessed from any device computer on the internet using the access of internet. Cloud storage can instantly allow large video, audio and graphics files storage on the internet. The files on the internet can be accessed by others also, that means even the other users are also allowed to access the files on the internet.

The other advantages provided by the cloud storage are critical information can be viewed instantly, images can be seen automatically, and data can be stored as “off-site backups” and can also offer functionalists for data center. 

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