MBA Case study Of Lantex

Case study Of Lantex

The case study is used in different purposes such as for explaining about the information which is useful and giving the complete description in order to explore new findings. In this, explain the complete procedure of the system, by describing the interventions and events which are complex in that system. This case study describes about the “RFID-based garment manufacturing information system” complete procedure in process of the garment manufacturing. 

LANTEX is more familiar and one of the largest manufacturers in garments production, the garments which are produced by this company is used as the brands by other retailers. The company produces the garments which are more useful for the women, men, and children. The production is done according to the specifications, designs, and trends in the market which are ordered by the people or customers like knit tops with their own brand names.

There are two systems on which the company relies. One is traditional manual system and system of bar coding. The production operation is managed by using these two systems. Bar coding system means scanning the bar which is printed on the paper, this is indicating the related number of part which is used in the product. Collect the information of employer’s work which is done on that day. The usage of the bar coding system and traditional manual system leads to some deficiency of performance in the system and also having some disadvantages. Lacking the real time data is the most disadvantages in this system.

Deviating from the cloth designing and errors related to sew are the problems which are related to the operational. Discovering of problems which are related to operational and production process maintenance are difficult for the manager who is under production line department. Because of using the RFID technology there exist competitions in garment industry. The competition is in one hand and on other; there is a continuous pressure from the retailers for relating to the current trend and fashion according to the market style they have to produce the garments.

The garments will be selling with more demand from the customers. The company should produce the garments with in the shorter time with having more designs and variety of styles and the season should be in mind. The combination of all these will resultantly gives the fashionable wears for the customers. There is a continuous monitoring for this manufacturing process and having the control over the capability of production because there are frequent changes are done in fashions which are affecting the garment industry. The company should give the quick response for the changes and styles which are coming from the customers.

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