Latest CSE Seminar Ideas on CDPD technology in Mobile computing

Introduction to  CDPD technology in Mobile computing :

Mobile computing is a computer interaction in which the data is transmitted via computer. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, mobile hardware as well as mobile software .The mobile computing principle is to send and receive the data across the cellular networks.

Mobile data communication it allows the user to transmit data from remote location to other remote location (or) fixed location .This is the biggest problem for the business people. The mobile data communication is dominated by the technology called CDPD.

CDPD networks allow the mobile users to connect to the network across a fixed link and a packet switched system.

CDPD has a sleep mode which allows the device to save the power when not in use.

Existing cellular network architecture:

A cellular network consists of mobile units linked together to switching equipment, which inter connect the different parts of the networks and allow access to the fixed public switched telephone network (PSTN). The tech is hidden from view, it is incorporated in a number of transceivers called base station (BS).

Existing cellular networks based on circuit- switching consists of base station (BS), base station controllers, switching centers, gateways etc. In this base station the physical transmission with fast power control & wireless scheduling and the base station controllers most of the radio resource management. So, when mobile terminal moves to another cell it needs another base station.

 Data communication: (DC)

 Exchange of data from one system to other system it has wide range of applications including file transfer, inter connection between wide area networks, facsimile (fax) electronic mail, access to the internet. The network used in DC is PSTN, leased-lines and ISDN (integrated services date network) and ATM (Asynchronous Transfer mode). These networks are analogy digital using tech such as circuit- switching packet-switching etc.

CDPD technology:

The mobile data communication market is dominated by a technology called CDPD. Its principle lies the usage of the idle time in between existing voice signals that are being sent across the cellular network.

The advantage of this system is that the idle time is very helpful for the business people.

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