New Trends In Mobile Technology CSE Seminar Topic

Introduction to New Trends In Mobile Technology CSE Seminar Topic:

The mobile technology means the technology which is moving of in other words portable. This technology can be carried out from one place to other wherever we want to. In the early year 1940 the company named Motorola developed and launched a device named as Wokie-talkie which was the first Portable or the Mobile Technology launched in this stage. Later the 1G called as the first generation came into existence. This 1G was capable to transfer the voice from one side to another. Later as the world began to develop later came the 2G and the latest service named as the 3G.

The two developed stages of the mobile technology are the 2G called as the second generation and the 3G called as the third generation.  The 2G technology contains technologies like the FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA. FDMA stands for the frequency division multiple accesses and TDMA called as the Time division multiple accesses.

FDMA are the original and branded multiple techniques which are largely used for the means of public safety. It the completely based on the commercial technology of the wireless communications. The advantages of the FDMA are it is easy to handle, very effective device in traffics, analog radio etc… it also has limitations like network is critical, frequency tasks are consuming, and last the is the conventional device.

TDMA is frequency networks for those who has a lot case about the traffic, here the frequency networks becomes, or valuable in such conditions. This TDMA separates the users and allocate them the time durations shells too. Each and every user takes the advantage of sending and receiving the voice through themselves. The advantages of the TDMA are more battery durations, more updated then the FDMA, and it supports video and audio formats. Cells are divided into mini, micro cells too. TDMA also has limitations like network problems, problem in calls, critical frequency state, high costs in markets etc…

The third generation is latest launched first in Japan in year 2001. In 3G two people can talk to each other directly face to face… there are also some of the advantages and limitation of the 3G too.

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