ECE Project Topic on Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller

Introduction to ECE Project Topic on Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller:

In this paper Load monitoring and breaker with digital display using microcontroller we discuss mainly the method to solve the problems caused due the flow of over currents in electrical equipment. The main aim of our project is controlling and coordinating the flow of over currents, inrush currents to safer limit. The system consist of load current sensing circuit, comprises of two major components current transformer ,A/D converter, half wave rectifier and filter.

The current transformer is basically step up transformer the secondary side output of the CT always varies in accordance with the load current from its primary side and then this variable analog voltage is converted into digital pulses. And passes it to micro controller and this signal gets amplified using a half wave rectifier and filter.  The Micro-controller unit used in our project is based on ATMEL 89C51 Micro-controller chip design. The ATMEL AT89C51 has low power with higher performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer with 4K bytes of flash programmable and erasable read only memory (PEROM).

The chip technology used here is CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) logic technology is the combination of both NMOS and PMOS will provide us high flexibility with minimum investment and multiple computing. The required operation conditions are programmed in micro controller chip. The output of the micro controller is connected to the digital display where we note the readings.

The current transformer is designed to deliver power a of 1 Amp,230V AC at the secondary side, and the expected  Primary is designed to operate at 13V AC and it takes nearly 22Amps continuously when the current transformer is fully loaded. Our project work “Load monitor and Breaker with Digital Display using Micro-controller” is well designed, tested, undergone practical verification. This paper addressed a new way monitor the conditions under overload conditions, they can be periodically update the conditions by storing the previous data. in future by increasing the diameter of the primary  coil of the current transformer we can improve current ratings.

Download  ECE Project Topic on Load Monitoring and Breaker with Digital Display Using Microcontroller.

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