Discussion Board Project in Asp.Net

Web application on Discussion board project is a asp.net website is similar to that of existing forum scripts which are in PHP language. This software will have similar features with admin and user modules.

Discussion Board Project

Mybb, PHPBB are few free forum scripts which are available for free download. These forums provides solution for users to install in easy steps and update posts to website. Discussion board project will have related features which are designed for college project purpose.

Advantages of Discussion Board Forum:

This software can be used for developing discussion forum websites.

Admin can post content for discussion like projects, technology news, mobile news, software coding topics and help students to get solution.

User can share views on topic by posting reply for selected posts.

Users can ask questions on topics and get solution from other users.

Admin can post content by adding category and help users to find related information under same category and sub category.

List of forms designed in this forum:

Under admin option:


Add category

Add subcategory

Admin home

Admin master page

Change password


Update profile

View answers

View profiles

Under User Option:

Change password

Create topic

Create question



Post reply

User home

View profile

View answer

Download Discussion Board Project in Asp.Net Source CodeĀ 

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