Institute Mailing System Project in Asp.Net

The Gmail Client  Institute Mailing System Project which we have developed basically fulfills the needs of college system in terms of assistance, sending notices to the college staffs, students, sending the daily updates to the people of the college, sending the results to the students which can be internal exams or external exams results through our mailing system, intra mailing interaction can be done in an easier and in a convenient way.

Institute Mailing System Project

Institute Mailing System Purpose  :            

The purpose of developing this project is to provide effective and efficient intra mailing system, which can be effectively controlled by the admin or head of the college.


Our project better suits for intra organization such as Colleges, Company’s etc where they need efficient communication between users and effective control   by the admin of the site.


Goal or aim of our project college mailing system is to enhance the features of existing mailing  system and utilize the existing system features such as mailing communication and also to import new features such as central control of our website by the admin of the organization such as company, college etc. 

 Features of our project (Advantages)               

  • It provides Intra College mailing in an easier and in a convenient way.
  • Can be used to send any kind of notices such as exam tables or attendance

or information regarding any kind of due fees to be paid onto the students login accounts in our Gmail Client.

  • The head or the administrator can have the complete control on our Gmail Client which is one of the important features of our project.
  • This mailing system can be used before and after appearing for the internal or

External exams wherein user should send the mail to the administrator mentioning

His/her present thereby administrator will send the acknowledgement in the form of mail, this can also be useful for the college management wherein students appearing

for the exam if falls in different batches, say morning batch or afternoon batch, than admin can block the passwords for the afternoon batch students if the exam is for morning batch students, thereby the afternoon batch students cant send the request of their present as they cant login in the morning batch , as their login ids will be temporarily blocked by the administrator.

Also it will be useful, when head of the college or admin checks the status of students such as his/her attendance, fees etc. Considering this details admin will send the acknow

-ledgement to the student when his/her attendance, fees is clear. So that after receiving the acknowledgement student will appear for the exam, whose exam paper will be evaluated only when student gets clearance acknowledgement from the admin or head. 

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  1. Iam getting runtime error no object reference is available in this project plz give me some idea fast on my emailid

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