Intelligent Customer Help Desk Python and Node-Red Project

Project Summary:

In this Intelligent Customer Help Desk project, we need to create a chatbot application that can answer the question(s) that falls outside the scope of the pre-determined question set.

This can be done using a chatbot that will use the intelligent document understanding feature of Watson Discovery. 

Project Requirements:

IBM Cloud, IBM Watson, Python, Node-Red.

Project Scope:

In this Python and Node-Red Project, we need to create a website first using HTML code. Next, we should create a chatbot with help of IBM Watson Assistant and Watson discovery.

Using Node-Red we need to build a web application that integrates all services and deploys the same on the IBM cloud.

This project will answer all queries of the user and if any question falls outside the scope of the predetermined question set then this project will use the Smart Document Understanding feature of Watson Discovery to train it on what text in the owner’s manual is important and what is not.

This will improve the answers returned from the queries.

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