Project Submission Allocation and Evaluation System Python Project


In today’s era, Student Project Management in college is not an easy activity. To effectively manage the history of previous student projects, a well-designed system is needed. This Student Project Submission System python project was developed with Python 3.7 and Django 2.2


Engineering Colleges conduct projects or give Assignments for a better understanding of the practical approach to the subject in the real world. Thus this will help to maintain the completed record of the project documentation in an organized platform. Thus this Student Project Submission Allocation and Evaluation System will be able to cater to a wide range of requirements either for students or for an instructor at educational institutes.


1. Registration or Login Module:
Every new user has to request first to get a login id as well as a password which they can change later.

2. Upload/Download Module:

This module is used by the instructor to give the necessary instructions regarding the project/assignment and students can view the instruction module. The Instructor can allow tasks to their respective students. Students can download the task assigned to them and can work on it and later they can submit their work for review. The instructor can give reviews/marks on the proposed work
3. Previous submission Module:

This module is being proposed for maintaining the previous project/assignment details so that students or instructors can view the abstracts of the previous projects. They can download it for other uses or can update it during the deadline.

4. User Module:

This module is for the student and teacher where they can see all their current courses and can see everything related to the course. They can also update their profile here.

5. Open project Module:

This module will be used for open projects that can be done by any student. Every Instructor and other students can view these projects and can review the problem. These projects can be created by any Instructor and anyone can work on them.

6. Admin Module:

This module will be used by the head of the Institute, it has to process various functions such as course allocation, instructor allocation, student allocation, Domain selection, etc.

He can view everything from the students as well as the Instructor. He can use these data for the progress report of the students for the evaluation of their Academics.


Our Project Submission Allocation and Evaluation System Project can handle about 400k to 500k HTTP requests per day. Our databases can support up to 140 terabytes in size, assuming you can find a disk drive and filesystem that will support 140-terabyte files.
Our database will accept data of types:-
1) Character or string (maxlength:3000)
2) Integer
3) Date and Time
4) Pdf, zip or another similar document ( max size: 5MB)
5) images(type: jpeg,png,jpg,gif,etc)(max sizes: 5MB)


Students can Download this Project Submission Allocation and Evaluation System Project will help in building a collaborative system for students as well as professors for performing assignment/project-related tasks.

Software Requirements:

Python 3.7
Django 2.2

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