Class Scheduling System Python Project using Django Framework

Present issues:

  • No digital class management system
  • Fixed timetable which cannot be changed throughout the semester
  • Cannot swap classes easily
  • No publishing mechanism
  • No administrator
  • Students cannot access the present-day schedule

Proposed solution:

  • Dynamic mechanism to change weekly class schedules
  • Publish new schedule after changes
  • Fully manageable through administrator privileges
  • Secured using username and password credentials
  • Schedule accessible on the internet
  • Administrators can access the portal onsite only
  • The system can be implemented in other departments and also


  • Any machine can connect to the server
  • Administrators can access only the campus network
  • Students and faculty can access it as long as there is internet
  • Server-side will manage access and manipulation rights
  • The server will also publish a current schedule


Django Framework:

  • Manages all 3 tiers(MVT – Model, View, Template) to run the web application.
  • Front-tier or client employs HTML and CSS via Django templates.
  • The Server-side uses Python to implement the logic for managing model-based objects.
  • The Server-side also enforces security standards.
  • The back end contains an in-built database, accessible via a web address generated by a virtual machine managed by the Django framework.
  • Can deploy web application after completion of web-application construction.

Use Case Diagram

Class Scheduling System
Interface Diagram:

Interface Diagram

Output Screenshot:

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