Information Explosion Data Mining and Warehousing

Description: The research abstract Information Explosion Data Mining and Warehousing talks about the change in business trends these days. It’s been an information explosion. All the industries/businesses, be they big or small are using data from innumerable sources to identify their own business trends. This they do in order to understand the strengths and the weaknesses of the competitor and thus build their own formidable business empire. Owing to an almost unending release of data and information, the need to channelize this into meaningful formats and patterns is becoming more and more important and ineveitable to smooth and secure business functioning.

The data and information this released are managed by highly evolved and effective Data Base Management Systems. Data Mining and Data warehousing have been the buzz words of success these days. If data mining helps in securing and processing the data into understandable chunks, warehousing helps in analyzing the data and put it in such a way as to facilitate comparison between trends, analyzing the data for the business predictions and above all expedite decision making processes to attain quicker and faster solutions. Data warehousing aims at expediting the speed of business/research decision making skills to such an extent that it almost happens ‘online’. Breakthrough research is going on in these fields and lots and lots has to be done to stay at par with information generation. The research paper suggests a wide gap between information generation and processing.


Although much has been attained much still needs to be done. The research paper identifies the need to have sophisticated analysis’ techniques to manage the information generated in industries and businesses. The lacuna between information generation and information analyzing has to be lessened. The process of data production and the process of data management and that too in an utmost sophisticated way has to go hand in hand. There is a long way to go and emergence of latest tools and techniques pertaining to the field of mining and warehousing is almost a never-ending process.

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