CSE Seminar on Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Description: The research paper CSE Seminar on Data Warehousing and Data Mining talks extensively about Data Mining and Warehousing techniques. It says that these days businesses heavily depend upon information. Information is churned out in astronomical pace. Companies not only churn put data but almost manage them simultaneously. Data exuded from innumerable research of hard work and research rests in a company. The information this generated is important to understand the scope of business and future business trends. Data not only has to be managed but has to be archived and presented to customers and during business meetings held to do some quintessential analyses.

The research paper speaks about the drawback of these techniques. It says that although there has been information explosion effective ways of managing this information, patterning it and archiving it in the form of comparative and contrastive formats is still not been achieved. The research paper suggests that these techniques have to evolve alongside information explosion almost unendingly. The paper talks about mining and warehousing and says that warehousing currently is aiming at coming up some best techniques that makes all the decision making go ‘online’.

Data mining almost goes with its name. One of the main objectives of data mining is to discover the ‘hidden’ gold i.e. very valuable information that has gone unnoticed in the data. Owing to viability of a thing like this, data mining techniques have merged with neural networks in order to offer some best of its kind, data base management techniques.

Conclusion: Data mining and warehousing thus help in uncovering the valuable hidden data in order to come up with better customer care feature. Data mining and warehousing have the intrinsic potential to make the business processes transparent thus escalating the customer –loyalty factor. Besides helping the organizations predict, analyse, compare and contrast business procedures these tools also help in achieving a very quick decision making which is fundamental to any business action.

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