MBA Literature Review on Determinants of Competitiveness of The Indian Auto Industry

Badri Narayanan G. Pankaj Vashisht (2008) specified his views and opinions on Indian auto industry and automobile imports and export trade. This article even explained the information on organized and unorganized sector of Indian auto industry and specified the information on sales and price indices of Indian automobiles.

The global comparison of automobile sector is explained along with the market structure and competitiveness and Indian automobile market. The supply chain and transportation process of automobile companies of Indian companies is explained along with different strategies to be followed to become successful automobile company in the market.

This article even explained the information on filed survey conducted among Indian automobile companies. There is a future requirement of explaining the competitive levels and strategies of Indian market.

Competition is one of the important aspects in the research process and it is one of the major research problems in this research process. This article is considered for research process because it includes the information on competitiveness of Indian automobile industry. 

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