Improved Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol Of 3G Btech ECE Project

The project “Improved Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol Of 3G Btech ECE Project” provides the authentication procedure of connecting user to the network or vice-versa. This Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA) brings out the faults associated with the methods of network attacks. Plus an improved form of the protocol is presented.

improved-authentication-and-key-agreement-protocol-of-3g-btech-ece-projectAs the mobile communication network has developed and expanded the conditions of mobile users for data services keep increasing making them the main parameter for mobile. The Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is a mobile communication system of the third generation (3G) and it has been formulated by keeping in mind the protocols s framed by International Telecommunications Union (IMU).

3G services include a host of services that is multimedia, internet, data service and all these at a good package. However information transmitted in this domain needs to be protected from possible threats i.e. illegal access. This is where the project Improved authentication and key agreement protocol of 3G comes into picture which guarantees safe and encrypted communication.

The process begins with the user going to another country and is subscribed to the SN (Serving network). He then registers himself to be equipped with AKA protocol safety. The project lists out the procedure for securing the network. The major advantage of this protocol is that it offers a 128 bit authentication key and supports signal messaging integrity.


Thus we can conclude that AKA procedures increase securities compared to the GSM network. It provides a lot of users that to access a secure network unlike 2G services which do not have this feature. The information that is exchanged in the network has been given highest level of confidentiality as well as encryption. Moreover this mechanism is flexible in nature also.

Download Improved Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol Of 3G Btech ECE Project.

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