Punter Attendant Protocol Implementation Networking Project

Punter Attendant Protocol Implementation networking projects main idea is to implement a new protocol for adding new gateway to the internet without modifying the existing gateway system. Developing this application can be a great contribution to internet. This application is mostly useful in communication networking system.

       TCP/IP protocol is used for interconnecting different systems called gateways which is a link of multiple systems in a network used for routing packets from one end to other end. This systems are connected to internet for packet routing and each gateway system consists of routing table information. When packet is reached to a gateway it will unpack packet data and look after source and destination information and check its routing table and routs packets based on the path provided in routing table.

  In present scenario if we want to add new gateway to existing gateway network it will be a time taking process. But by using this application it will be easy to integrate new gateway to existing gateway network without any changes to present settings.

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