Implementation of the Cloud Services to Improve Organizational Business Value

Each and every organization will have different requirements with respect to the cloud computing services and when the business development managers are asked regarding this, one of the managers replied that “We always look for non physical deployment of communication and mailing served from the cloud service providers”. From his opinion it is clear that, few communication mechanisms and aspects like email servers and exchange servers are hard to be maintained across the physical location of the organizations and thus if they adopt the cloud services in this context, the organization job is reduced a lot and also the requirements for infrastructure are also reduced a lot.

One of the business development managers replied to the same question like “We always require a simple solution and application where all our business partners and the corresponding employees are in contact through a simple web page”. From this statement it can be analyzed that, most of the organizations are looking for the best solution to be in contact with the employees and business partners and a simple web application can solve these issues and it is known that a perfect cloud computing can provide this facility to their customers a lot.

When the same question is asked to one of the business development managers, he replied that, “We required a perfect mobile workforce and need to track the day to day operations using the cloud services” and from his opinion it is clear that, if cloud computing is used in a perfect manner, all the day to day operations can be tracked and monitored even in a remote location. One of the business development managers replied to this question like “We use all the internet based applications and benefits and integrate them with our applications using the cloud services”.

From his statement it is clear that, cloud computing services provide a wide range of free internet applications and services and they can be easily deployed and used across the new program development and most of the organizations are following the same as per the opinion of this particular business development manager.  When one of the business development managers asked the same question he replied that “We use the cloud services for an online solution of CRM software and it is really helpful as of now”. From this statement it is clear that even enterprise level applications like CRM are also provided by the cloud computing services and thus most of the organizations are using them and getting benefited in this context. 

Thus from this overall analysis it is clear that, organizational business value is improved a lot with the implementation of the cloud services and the level of services provided by the cloud service providers. Apart from the range of benefits available with the cloud computing for the business value of the organizations, there are few security issues against the data being given to the service providers and they are discussed and analyzed based on the opinion of business development managers and given as below

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