Communication Projects on Home Automation Using Mobile Communication

Technology has surged so ahead that it has now unlocked the potential for you to manage your home appliances without your physical presence. This project Communication Projects on Home Automation Using Mobile Communication enables you to control home appliances like bulbs, fans, water pumps etc with the pressing of your mobile keys. Consequently, if you do not remember to switch them off before you leave your house; you can easily do it through your mobile which serves as a remote.

communication-projects-on-home-automation-using-mobile-communicationThis project Communication Projects on Home Automation Using Mobile Communication consists of three main parts namely microcontroller, DTMF (dual-tone multiple-frequency) decoder and voice recording and playback device. While on a call, if a handset key is presses, a tone analogous to the key pressed is heard on the other side. This tone received (known as the DTMF tone) is processed by the microcontroller with aid of a DTMF decoder. The decoder further translates the tone into its corresponding binary digit and sent to the microcontroller.

‘Touch-tone’ is an edition of the DTMF used in telephone dialing. The use of DTMF here is that it allocates a particular frequency to each button which makes it easily identifiable for the electronic circuit. 8-bit microcontroller is used here which is programmable and has erasable ROM.  Discrete components like transformer, rectifier too are incorporated in the circuit.

Before the circuit starts functioning, all connections are tested and the ac supply is provided. Magnitude of the output is measured by the multimeter and its waveform seen in the oscilloscope.


                 Communication Projects on Home Automation Using Mobile Communication can be made use of in a wide range of home appliance devices. One of them is watering system where the principle of this project is applied and used to control a relay signal to the water pump. This project design can also be applied to automate garden lamps and also security systems.

Download Communication Projects on Home Automation Using Mobile Communication.

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